For Karen Kimmel, it always begins with a drawing. What this drawing will ultimately become—a stencil, a print, clothing, a sculpture, an installation—and what ideas it will generate is the least predictable and most exciting aspect of Karen’s artistic process. At the heart of her incredibly diverse creative endeavor is her fascination with the cross-pollination of symbols, nature, language and early cognitive development, focusing on how people assimilate, communicate and work within the limitations of language and social systems.

Over the past four years, Karen developed The Art of Exchange, a workshop encouraging participants to make their own mark by incorporating her nature-inspired stencils into their own unique design. The workshop promotes discovery and integration of abstract thinking while exploring color, shape and form, and has been hosted by such diverse venues as Partners & Spade’s Avant Garde Preschool, the Hammer Museum and J.Crew’s Crewcuts store in Malibu, just to name a few. From these workshops, Karen created Kimmel Kids, a contemporary line for children of all ages that now extends far beyond her signature collection of stencils. In addition to a growing number of interactive products designed to cultivate creativity, Kimmel Kids now features a wide range of accessories, all infused with the same vibrant, playful energy that is Karen Kimmel’s trademark.

Karen has created sculptural installations for MOCA Chicago, The Barbican in London, The Scottsdale Museum of Fine Art in Arizona and Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions. Currently, Karen is consulting for brands such as Nike and Splendid, as well as branching out to interior design. For more information on Karen’s artwork, please visit her website, www.karenkimmel.com.

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