avatar 01.25.13 ellen says:
oh thank heaven

Have you ever been pouring yourself a Slurpee and thought “this could be a lot cuter…”? Well the Swedish arm of one of the biggest franchisors in the world, 7Eleven, has got you covered.  They hired Swedish design firm BVD to re-imagine their identity, taking inspiration from the company’s 80 year history.

Read the full story here, and add it to your “Reasons to Move to Stockholm” list.

avatar 11.29.12 kristen says:
one kings lane: crafta critters

tanya aguiniga_mexico_plaster_peel gallery_houston_crafta_onekingslane_art_sculpture

I think it’s pretty obvious by now that we have a huge crush on our studio neighbor, the mega-talented artist and designer Tanya Aguiñiga. I mean, we’re actually kind of obsessed. Art, furniture, jewelry – she does it all *brilliantly*. At the beginning of the year, we popped into her studio for a visit and were greeted with a mini army of plaster donkeys and chihuahuas, decked to the nines in gold leaf, pom poms, beads, and criss-crossed with colorful thread. These sculptures (along with handful of serape cacti) were being finished for a January show at Houston’s Peel Gallery entitled CRAFTA, which investigated traditional craft within the context of post-NAFTA border exchange.

cradfta_tanya aguiniga_peel gallery_houston_art_sculpture_burro_chihuahua_one king's lane

Since we collaborate with Tanya just about every chance we get, we asked her to contribute some of her awesome (and adorable) CRAFTA critters to our Tastemaker Sale on One King’s Lane. There is still one snazzy burro and one amazing gilded chihuahua left – snatch em up and give em a good home!

tanya aguiniga_art_sculpture_one king's lane_chihuahua_mexico_one king's lane

avatar 11.27.12 melanie says:
one kings lane: painted baskets

Colorful bright colors mixed together with the natural reed material compliment themselves in our next sneak peek item, the painted baskets. They were made and designed in house, inspired by Karen’s drawings and marker sketches. Each one has a unique design with a mix of lime, turquoise, pink, orange, and metallic colors. My favorite is the little hamper with a turban like top, he looks like he has a personality all on his own.

avatar 11.23.12 ellen says:
one kings lane: limited edition silkscreen prints

When we created the design for our hanging stencils at the SMMOA Wall Works show, we fell in love with it. An amalgamation of our nine stencil shapes, the image emphasizes our practice of taking inspiration from nature to make shapes that are fun, delicate and modern.

Doing a print of the design seemed like a no-brainer. There’s nothing like the super saturated, clean look of a hand-screened print, and we love the way these vibrant colors turned out. Printed on a soft bright white cotton rag, my favorite is orange.

avatar 11.22.12 natalie says:
one kings lane: dream catchers

This week we’ve been giving you a sneak peak at the variety of pieces we’ll have up for our sale on One Kings Lane. Among our Karen Kimmel classics are the dream catchers, a bold addition to any wall, with designs that integrate neon twine, colored hemp, gems and stones.  Designed by Karen herself and made in our studio, these beautiful pieces of art make a unique gift.