avatar 10.12.12 kristen says:
happy fall!

pantone_leaves_fall_autumn_chris glass_color_spectrum

Hooray! We had our first rainy fall day today after a blistering, scorcher of a long, drawn-out summer – it’s finally cardigan weather in Los Angeles!

Photo by Chris Glass


avatar 10.9.12 natalie says:
my phone is off

Because I work so intensely in social media there is rarely a moment where my phone isn’t found in my hand. Whether I am on the dance floor, at a concert or by the pool, most often you can spot me scrolling through Twitter and Instagram on my iPhone. Though social media has developed into my career it doesn’t mean that I have lost all sense of my manners in social situations, but unfortunately I cannot say the same for the rest of the people around me. For this reason, I was intrigued when I saw this men’s handkerchief with the message “my phone is off for you” embroidered on the front. I am curious how this sartorial choice would play out on a date.

What are your thoughts?

avatar 10.4.12 kristen says:
miracle on the mountain

clarence schmidt_outsider_woodstock_art_found object_house_new york

Behold Miracle on the Mountain, the life’s work of ‘outsider artist’ Clarence Schmidt, constructed entirely from found objects between the 1940 and 1972 in Woodstock, NY. Unfortunately, most of the structure burnt down in 1968, but in its prime this extreme treehouse included an ever-expanding network of balconies, terraces, shrines, pools, grottoes, caves and gardens that stretched high up the mountainside. Isn’t this image fantastic? It’s right out of a children’s book. Unfortunately, this is one of the only images that exists of the house in its full glory, but there is a pretty hefty collection of images of Schmidt’s work here (as is to be expected in places of this nature, there are a lot of creepy doll sculptures).

clarence schmidt_miracle on the mountain_shrine_outsider_woodstock_found

avatar 10.1.12 natalie says:
edible moons

I barely survived the crazy full moon this weekend. Had I only in my possession this ice cream cake filled cratered moon I know everything would have been ok.  Created by London designers Doshi Levien for Häagen-Dazs, this ice cold beauty is packed with a pistachio biscuit base, layers of macadamia nut ice cream and meringue and a coating of raspberry ice cream.

Hopefully the universe will hear my cries and send me some ice cream moons next time around.


avatar 09.29.12 kristen says:
noga berman

etsy_found_rings_jewelry_ceramic_design_noga bergman

Rings by Noga Berman, made from ceramic fragments found at construction sites around Israel. Get one of your very own on her etsy page!

etsy_found_rings_jewelry_ceramic_design_noga bergman