• Step 1: Lay your two sticks parallel to each other and tie together in the middle (trim excess yarn). Twist the sticks to form an “X”. Choose your yarn color and cut approximately 2 yards.

  • Step 2: Take your yarn and tuck in between the middle of the sticks. Wrap it over and around one stick, then over and around the next, and so on.

  • Step 3: Continue wrapping the yarn. When the length is nearly used up, tie a different color string onto the previous one with a tight knot.

  • Step 4: Repeat steps 2 and 3 until you have completed your beautiful god’s eye!

from your
hands to
god's eyes!

Project: god’s eye

Craft time: 30 minutes or as long
as you wish

What you need:
2 sticks per god's eye

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