macramé key fobs

  • Step 1: Cut jute into 2 cord lengths: 1-1/2 yards and 2-1/2 yards. Fold both pieces in half and hitch them to the key ring by placing the folded end down through the key ring and drawing the cord ends down through the folded end loop.

  • Step 2: Tape the key ring and the 2 shorter cords (a.k.a. base strands) to the table. Cross the left strand over the 2 base strands leaving a loop on the left. Cross the right strand over the left strand (like making a number “4”).

  • Step 3: Pass the right strand under the 2 center ones and up through the loop. Pull both outside strands to tighten the knot. Repeat steps until the spiral is as long as you like.

  • Step 4: Add a bead by slipping a bead onto the two base strands and then continue knotting. The outside strands will wrap around the bead. Or, if your bead is big enough, you can slip it over all 4 strands and continue knotting.

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Project: macramé key fob

Craft time: 1 hour or as long
(literally) as you wish

What you need:
key ring


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