• Step 1: Start by picking out the basket you’d like to personalize, and a few spray paint colors that will look great in your home. Think about what sort of shapes and lines you’ll want to use before you start, it’ll make everything go faster!

  • Step 2: Tape out your design. Using artist tape to mark the edges of your shapes will ensure that your lines are neat and clean. You can use a wider painter’s tape to mask large areas that won’t be painted.

  • Step 3: When your basket it ready to be painted, spray in short bursts a few inches from the basket.  Paint the largest section first, and then wait five minutes before moving on to the next.

  • Step 4: Allow the paint to dry for several hours before removing the tape. You can clean up any small mess-ups by rubbing lightly with a scour pad.

    Your new basket will brighten up almost any space!


brighten up any part of your home!

Project: painted baskets

Craft time: 2-3 hours

What you need:
artist's tape and painter's tape
spray paint
scour pad

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