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10.17.12 melanie says:
maarten de ceulaer’s diy balloon bowls

This beautiful bowl is made from a fascinating process of pouring plaster into a balloon with food colorants and then blowing another balloon to hallow out the space. I happened to see the wonderful video that Maarteen De Ceulaer’s created to show … Continue reading ›

06.1.12 cq says:
coaster lovin’

I do love the satisfying combination of a matte grey paired with gold. A nice bright neon in place of the gold would also be a lovely match indeed. Check out how to make these little cement + gold coasters … Continue reading ›

05.2.12 kristen says:
piñata cookie

Transitioning from Crafting Community mode back into real life is never easy. One of the trickiest adjustments to make after it’s all said and done is to get my cookie consumption back to reasonable levels. Our buddy Chris from Isabella’s … Continue reading ›

04.26.12 eileen says:
marble it yourself

With Crafting Community fast approaching (it begins tomorrow!), we’ve been in the crafting + DIY spirit more than ever. I’m really excited about our paper marbling workshop (think bookmarks, postcards) and was completely blown away when I saw this amazing glassware … Continue reading ›

04.6.12 kristen says:
imagine this as trash

Jenny Murphy, my college buddy and one-time suite-mate (Hurd 210, represent!), has been doing amazing things in St. Louis. After we graduated, she founded Perennial, a non-profit focused on creative reuse with the mission to “empower people to transform themselves … Continue reading ›